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>> Saturday, July 18, 2009

Its here. The wait of a billion people for the Rain Gods to smile is over. Monsoon has finally arrived in India.

In India, Monsoon plays an important role in the lives of Indians as this is the time, millions of farmers will know if their crop is going to survive this year or not. This is the time, Indians will know if the water reserves will have enough water to survive for a year!

Not only the needs of people but also joys of people are dependent on Monsoon. This is the time, you will find lush greens all over the country. The earth will be covered by green fields all over and the picture will be 'Picture Perfect'.

If you love to be in the arms of nature, this is the best time to do so. Forge everything about your life, pack your bags and go for that trek. It will rejuvenate you for sure. I have done many a treks in this season all my life. We had a football team in my home town Nasik and we were (still are) nature freaks. Monsoon was the one thing we used to wait so that we can play football in the rains and then go for treks over the weekends. We have been to almost all the places near Nasik/Pune/Mumbai during Monsoon. The one memorable was 'Harishchandra' fort. I still remember that trek and its very close to my heart.

I am posting some great pictures of Monsoon taken by people all over the country. Am sure, seeing these pictures will make you pack your bag, at least once this year!



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